SkyMove On-the-Move Satellite Communications

Real-Time Comms Anywhere, Anytime

Traditional mobile and radio networks are vulnerable to disruption. If your organisation needs a safety net in the field or relies on mission-critical comms to fulfil its duty. When lives are at risk, you must provide a solution to overcome comms blackspots and ensure real-time, two-way comms between your team and HQ. Ensure decisions are better informed by using Australia’s most trusted communications on the move network: SkyMove.

Low Latency via Low Earth Orbit

Leverage the speed and performance of the latest in satellite comms constellations. OneWeb’s global, low earth orbit network provides the lowest latency of any commercial network.

Wherever you are, we’ve got you covered

SkyMove is supported across SkyTel’s regional network that spans Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific and global network that spans everywhere else. As Australia’s most-trusted portable satellite communications system for mission-critical communications SkyMove means your people on the ground can send and receive real time video and data to moving vehicles across land, sea and air anywhere in the world. 

Overcome Communication Blackspots

Overcome communication blackspots using the latest in satellite technology and maintain two-way communication with your people in the field. SkyTel’s field-tested SkyMove system uses satellites in orbit to provide a safety net for your people on the ground, keeping them connected wherever they are independent of traditional mobile and radio networks. 


Thin-profile satellite antennas leverage solid-state construction to ensure low maintenance and high availability for your fleet as it moves over land, sea and air. It’s as simple as that.

Reach, Reliability, Redundancy

Seamlessly increase the reach, reliability and redundancy of your terrestrial network of mobile equipment, vehicles and temporary sites. A fully-managed service that enhances and scales your operations, SkyMove overcomes the complexity of traditional comms and offers mobility and portability for your team to go where duty calls them. When traditional mobile and radio comms go dark, SkyMove will ensure your operations carry on. 

SkyMove Qualified Satellite Terminals

SkyTel has tested and qualified a portfolio of Comms-on-the-Move (COTM) and Comm-on-the-Pause (COTP) terminals for SkyMove with a roadmap to new terminals as they are released to the market.

SatCube portable satellite dish operated by a man outside Australia's parliament house

Satcube Portable Satellite Dish

Kymeta U8 on a Ford Territory with the Manly Ferry in the background

Kymeta U8 Flat Panel Satellite Dish for Vehicles

Thinkom Thinsat-300 Phased Array Satellite Antenna in White with a 25W BUC

ThinSat-300 Ku-Band Low-Profile Satellite Broadband Antenna

Kymeta U8 in a Go Case SkyMove page

Kymeta u8 GO Rapid Deploy Flyaway Antenna System

Service Delivery Done Right

Imagine being able to monitor terminal activity in real time, anywhere, anytime. What if you never had to worry about manual provisioning and could rely on automated operations? The easy-to-use SkyPortal does just that. Our portal offers network administrators insight into key performance metrics so you can track the health and performance of your network components in real-time and produce comparative reports with historical data as baselines to put real-time measurements in context.

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