Low Earth Orbit Satellite Internet

OneWeb is a LEO constellation of satellites that provide low-latency, high-speed connection to the internet. OneWeb eliminates connectivity barriers by enabling a fiber-like user experience without the prohibitive fixed infrastructure costs. It’s now possible to connect your mine, resort, or office to low latency satellite internet.. Whether in a fixed location or On-the-Move OneWeb’s LEO constellation keeps you connected.

Fast. Simple. Flexible. Secure.

Join the world’s most reliable satellite internet network that’s engineered for high-speed, simplicity and flexibility. Designed to connect you and your business to the world with speeds of 30 – 130Mbps, empowering you with connectivity for the cloud-based services your business relies on.

SkyTel’s OneWeb-enabled network offers low-latency, high-availability internet connectivity to even the most remote areas in Australia and the Pacific region where fibre, microwave and ADSL fail to offer affordable and reliable connectivity. 

Low Earth Orbital planes showing Australia

SkyMove Qualified Satellite Terminals

SkyTel has tested and qualified a portfolio of Comms-on-the-Move (COTM) and Comm-on-the-Pause (COTP) terminals for FlexMove with a roadmap to new terminals that address a broad set of customer requirements.
SatCube portable satellite dish operated by a man outside Australia's parliament house

Satcube Portable Satellite Dish

Kymeta U8 on a Ford Territory with the Manly Ferry in the background

Kymeta U8 Flat Panel Satellite Dish for Vehicles

Thinkom Thinsat-300 Phased Array Satellite Antenna in White with a 25W BUC

ThinSat-300 Ku-Band Low-Profile Satellite Broadband Antenna

Kymeta U8 in a Go Case SkyMove page

Kymeta u8 GO Rapid Deploy Flyaway Antenna System

The speed you need: <80ms latency

Connectivity is the lifeblood of business. SkyTel’s OneWeb-enabled plans offer super low-latency so you can rapidly maximise opportunities, sell products and services to new and ever-expanding markets, and interact with your customers in real-time. Realise your business’s potential today.

One-touch connectivity

Transform your business operations and success with faster and larger data-led communications that drive performance. SkyTel’s OneWeb-enabled plans are easy to buy, deploy and manage with SkyTel’s cloud-based network activation and monitoring tool.

SkyTel can rapidly scale connectivity into new locations to deliver high levels of network speed, capacity, availability, and performance. SkyTel will help you meet new business requirements, unlock new use cases, and deliver digital transformation right across your business.

Game-changing connectivity for everyone, everywhere

Wherever you are, wherever you’re going

With a dynamic network of over 600 satellites that offer continuous connectivity, OneWeb will ensure your business is connected to the internet wherever you are. Choose to enhance your flexibility with flat panel satellite terminals that offer always-on mobile connectivity even in the most remote locations.

Easy-to-Use Cloud Monitoring & Support Portal

Imagine being able to monitor terminal activity in real time, anywhere, anytime. What if you never had to worry about manual provisioning and could rely on automated operations? The easy-to-use SkyPortal does just that. Our portal offers network administrators insight into key performance metrics so you can track the health and performance of your network components in real-time and produce comparative reports with historical data as baselines to put real-time measurements in context. 

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