Real time. All the time.

Harnessing the power of geostationary satellite capability that offers real-time data collection, SkyTel’s Sky-IoT system is widely used to maximise agricultural, meteorological, health, banking EFTPOS terminals, and infrastructure and utility monitoring data. With a constant connection to the satellite, Sky-IoT terminal users never need to wait for the most accurate and up-to-date data to make the best decisions for their businesses.

Versatility. Flexibility. Utility.

Designed specifically for IoT applications, SkyTel’s SkyIoT terminal offers users versatility and flexibility. SkyTel’s Sky-IoT terminal is the epitome of plug-and-play with only three simple to set up components. Equipped with Power Over Ethernet technology, with the option to be 100% solar powered, the Sky-IoT terminal is ideal for pure IP applications even in the most remote locations.

SKYTEL IOT SERVICES: Simple, inexpensive connectivity via satellite

100% Coverage, 100% of the time

Uniquely, SkyTel’s Sky-IoT solution offers users affordable two-way data communications coverage 24/7/365 via a network of satellites. Unlike traditional IoT that relies on terrestrial cellular networks, Sky-IoT offers its users 100% coverage across Australia and New Zealand even in places where other internet connectivity options are not available or feasible. Sky-IoT’s unique combination of solar and satellite technologies means it can be rapidly deployed without relying on any existing infrastructure.

Guaranteed IoT connectivity, flexible network architecture

The Sky-IoT Ku Band GEO terminal provides the users with a secure and private connection, independent of terrestrial networks with a guaranteed level of service and outstanding SLA. It enables the use of Virtual LANs (VLANs), thus providing network segmentation, reuse of IP addresses and an augmented level of security in the IP data transactions.

Easy-to-Use Cloud Monitoring & Support Portal

Imagine being able to monitor terminal activity in real time, anywhere, anytime. What if you never had to worry about manual provisioning and could rely on automated operations? The easy-to-use SkyPortal does just that. Our portal offers network administrators insight into key performance metrics so you can track the health and performance of your network components in real-time and produce comparative reports with historical data as baselines to put real-time measurements in context.
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